A Fat Wreck : The Punk-u-mentary

A Fat Wreck : The Punk-u-mentary  is rounding up some more funding.

Read what it’s all about from A Fat Wreck:

“About this film thingy…

This feature length documentary film follows the early history of FAT WRECK CHORDS, from its founding by Fat Mike and his then wife Erin Burkett, through its cultural zenith in the late 1990’s. The film’s main narrative focuses on the longest tenured and most successful bands that shaped the label’s formative years, primarily Lagwagon, Propagandhi, No Use For A Name, Good Riddance, and Strung Out. The film follows the highs, lows, and cultural impact of Fat Wreck Chords across 157 studio albums and 150 other releases, and the challenges and struggles the label faced in staying true to its 100% independent ethos.”

Now go help them get this movie funded so we can watch!

For more info and to support the film check out A Fat Wreck : The Punk-u-mentary.

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