Awesome Fest 11

Awesome Fest 11

It’s almost time to get Awesome at Awesome Fest 11 in San Diego! Awesome Fest 11 is February 16 – 18. For a full list of the bands and to get your tickets visit!

Awesome Fest is a collaboration of six longtime friends and active members of the DIY punk community. Awesome Fest is a three-day live music festival of intentionally limited scale aimed at showcasing the diversity, intensity and beauty of DIY punk music.

Our goal is to provide a safe, intimate venue to watch awesome bands, discover new music and to hang out with friends from all over the US and the world. Artists are treated fairly and equally. Artists are most often compensated based on a fixed scale associated with how far they came to play. There are no VIP green rooms or even green rooms for that matter. Awesome Fest does not accept corporate sponsorship. We endeavor to engage small, local and independent business owners as that is the kind of economy we want to nurture and participate in.

Awesome Fest is not for profit. Only a small reserve of cash is held each year to cover up front expenses for the following year. Curators and volunteers are not compensated for their efforts.

Also, rules are mostly for cops and frat boys, however, Awesome Fest does have one: Don’t be an asshole.

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