Awesome Fest 9

Awesome Fest 9 is coming September 4th – 6th (Labor Day Weekend) 2015!

Read what it’s all about from

“AwesomeFest is a volunteer collaboration of six core organizers – all longtime members of the Southern California DIY punk community – brought together for a love of three things: quality music, friendship, and reasonably-priced fun.

We believe that—at its best—DIY punk is a big, international family and we want AwesomeFest be one of its yearly reunions in America.

And by DIY, we mean it; it’s not just a catch phrase to hide silent partners, sell product, or post on a website to sell tickets while operating business-as-usual.

At AwesomeFest, there are no corporate sponsors, no direct dealings with any managers. All bands playing have been personally asked by one of the organizers. These bands reflect both individual and diverse tastes, with an emphasis on bands that are more than merely just “bands,” but active members in their own communities. And they have to rock.

We’re making a music festival that we want to attend.

You want a festival that offers big money punk bands and overpriced, undersized beers? We’re not it

You want a festival that’ll have you high fiving complete strangers and seeing some of the best music currently being made on the planet

AwesomeFest’s the ticket.”

For tickets and more info check out AwesomeFestNine.

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