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Band Info – The Jewels formed on September 20, 2016 at the University of California San Diego. On the third day of college, lead singer Neeco Beltran and some of his friends crashed a party at the Residential Halls in Thurgood Marshall College. There, he saw a guy wearing a FIDLAR shirt, and since it’s very hard to find FIDLAR fans (let alone FIDLAR fans who own FIDLAR shirts), they quickly bonded. The man wearing the shirt, lead guitarist Adam Kesten, had similar music tastes and goals as Beltran. They promptly had their first practice together the following Tuesday and instantly clicked writing songs. Beltran then met bassist Brennan McAdams on the first day of their punk rock music class. They instantly clicked as well, and two days later, Beltran met drummer Jarek Ialenti while performing songs off his second solo EP. Beltran and Ialenti then proceeded to rip through the entire pop punk canon, and they instantly knew they had musical chemistry. Finally, the next week, the band got together, and there was an air of excitement in the room. In need of a name, the band had discussions about possible names. Then, at a FIDLAR concert, Kesten proposed calling the band The Jewels because they formed at UC San Diego, which is in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego. Since La Jolla means “the jewel” in Spanish, the rest of the band felt it was an apt name. Now, The Jewels are focused on creating a following that will allow them to do this for as long as feasible.

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