Climate Change

Listen people! Climate change isn't a thing! Never mind that tornado warning in ***SAN DIEGO!!!!***


  • sandiegopunk
    But is it El Niño or La Niña?!
  • HapticFeedback
    It's El Flood-o Road-close-o No-work-o I'm-ok-with-that-o
  • Wank
    Climate change is made up as a cover up to stack money to infiltrate polar bear clubs.
  • linesandpassages
    I'm so over the flooding and mudslides. Not only do I hate it from a traffic standpoint, but if it happens in the City of San Diego, I get to clean it up. Boooooo!
  • HapticFeedback
    edited January 2016
    During the last round of rain, there was a video going around of a dude waist deep in water dropping f bombs when he returned to his car on the bottom level of the parking garage at Fashion Valley mall. I can certainly see why he was pissed, but I couldn't help but laugh at the same time. He was getting all loud like he was going to fvk shyt up and rectify the situation, but there was absolutely nothing he could do except freeze his balls off.
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