'member gettin fucked up at Scolaris office?

Fuck it. I'll come out and say it...I do. Those were good times.  I'm not 19 anymore though and don't identify with a punk lifestyle. I'm more of a millennial shitbag livin the american dream. haven't been to north park or shitty heights in a fort night. Where's the old crew from the heyday? 

Anyways... here's a shout out from tweakertown west el cajon. East county... the land of fine women and fine motorsports. Make sure your security cameras are working and the DVR is recording. And don't leave shit in the front yard



  • HapticFeedback
    never heard of the place!
  • baby666doll
    YEAH I REMEMBER THAT PLACE!! it was cool back then. is it still around? not in SD anymore so i wouldnt know but it was rad. 
  • HapticFeedback

    Well, the building is still there, but the ownership has changed, the name has changed, and it's like a dance club now.  ...definitely not the same!  In fact, it's just plain-ol-wack now!

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