Contributors was once a force in the San Diego Punk community and we are on a mission to bring it back to life. The goal will always be to promote and support our local musicians, artists, and community but we will also try to keep you in touch with the other happenings of the punk world. Keep on the lookout for new reviews, interviews, and shows while we work to provide insight into not only the music but the people who create the music.

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The guy that bought the domain name.

Ryan San Diego Punk

I’m a fan of San Diego and a fan of Punk. I used to frequent San Diego Punk back in the day trying to plan my weekends and find new music. The last time I typed “” into my browser I found it went absolutely nowhere. Since I like to dabble in the world wide web I figured I’d scoop it up and bring it back to life. What else is there to know? Oh yeah I’m a die-hard Liverpool F.C. fan (YNWA), I enjoy frequenting our local breweries, and am content with a carne asada burrito and a good side of salsa. I’m also the one behind most of the social media so if something sucks just yell at me on there!

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The old guy that writes album reviews.

Todd San Diego Punk

I’ve played in a handful of unknown bands in the local SD scene since the 90’s.  Those projects include Zero Down, Changingnames, Guys on the Hill, and Strike the Design.  I’m currently playing guitar in Fallen Monuments as well as writing music as a solo project under the name Distorted Signals.  I’m a sucker for melodic, edgy, and energetic music (melody sometimes optional).  Some of my all-time favorite bands include the following:  Pulley, Dag Nasty, TSOL, 7 Seconds, The Clash, The Descendents, All, Samiam, The English Beat, and a whole heap of others that you couldn’t care less about.  My cholesterol numbers are higher than Snoop Dogg because I drink too many Jack & Cokes which leads me to over-indulge on rich, greasy food at gawd-awful late night hours.  Skateboarding…I’m in to it!  Guitars…I probably need to sell a few!  Family…(insert Daryl Hall & John Oates lyrics to the song Family Man)!  If I put too many of my likes in this paragraph, it may start to read like I’m filling out an E-Harmony profile, so I’ll stop now.

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The guy that gets the interview, at any cost.

Mitch San Diego Punk Contributors

I’ve been a fan of punk rock and ska since Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1. I’m a Washington DC transplant in San Diego who is catching up on 15 years of Mexican Food. I currently drum for SecondHand, Fishing for Chips, Buckley’s Angel, and play every instrument / sing for Mitch McSteamy & The Social Laxatives. Loves long walks on the beach, going to shows, and writing music with his friends.

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