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DFMK’s Van Caught Fire on Tour. Help if you can.

“On March 28th, DFMK’s van caught fire while on tour in California.  They sprung an oil leak while traveling and eventually the rear tire caught on fire.   The band’s 4 members and their friends traveling with them, all made it out safely.  Unfortunately there was not enough time to salvage any of their Instruments or personal belongings and the van went up in flames.

DFMK is a punk rock and roll band from Tijuana, Mexico.  DFMK was on a west coast tour spanning from Tijuana, Mexico to Seattle, Wa.   They were on tour through California when this fire occurred.  2nd day of tour their axle broke in San Luis Obispo.  Determined to continue, they left the van at the mechanics and rented a vehicle to make their Oakland, California show just in time.  After returning to pick up their van the following day, they headed north on their way to Seattle, Wa.  Unfortunately the van only made if back up to Oakland.  They had to wait a couple days to get the necessary parts to put the van back together and hit the road again.  In the meantime,  the music communities of Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento all banded together to set up last minute shows for the band.  Finally  on their way home and at the end of what seemed like an uphill battle, the last blow was dealt, when the van caught fire.

They lost the Van,  All musical equipment and all their personal belongings.

All proceeds of this fundraiser will go to replace all that was lost and any other expenses related to this fundraiser.

Since this is a fundraiser, we’ve set up some levels for your donations.  Anything and everything will help.  But we also didn’t wan’t you to walk away empty handed.  We will be sending out the bands records, CDs, shirts, etc… as a token of our appreciation for your help.

 “Without Each Other, We Have Nothing!””

You can help support DFMK at the following link…

You can also buy their latest album “7 Canciones Sobre Un Individualismo Radical“.

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