Interview! Ash Williams: Tour Is Tight

Sunday, I (Mitch McSteamy) sat down with Ash Williams at their show with Que Oso! and Bogsey and the Agronauts at the Che Café to talk about their recent “Treat Yourself” West coast tour, success of their Danzegg EP, and a new album release.

Hey guys! So this is your first time touring as Ash Williams, how was it?

*All It was awesome/ It was tight!*

Uriel: And I quote, “Tour is tight”

What are your favorite stories from the road?

Uriel: Santa Cruz was tight *All Laughing*

What happened in Santa Cruz?

Uriel: Uh, well I got really drunk

Patrick: Uriel almost got into a fight with a bouncer at a bar because, the bouncer left to go to the bathroom and Uriel was chilling outside checking I.D.s

*All Laughing*

Uriel: No, No, No *laughs* So the story goes, I’m like leaning against the table and some dude just gives me his I.D. and I just go “Oh. Ok..” and then I guess the bouncer came back a second later and goes, “WHAT THE HELL MAN, GET THE HELL OUT!!” and I was just like..”Ok” then I left. I felt bad cause that bar was tight.

Michael: Wait, it wasn’t your Portland experience? Seeing the pirate and all that shit?

Uriel: Oh, Portland was weird. Don’t get doughnuts from Portland..Well do, but be ready for weirdness.

Patrick: We stayed in a haunted house in Portland.

Michael: Oh, that was spooky.

Patrick: Yeah, it was. It was actually listed. You know how legally real-estate agents have to tell you if a place is haunted or not? Well we stayed in a haunted hotel.

Uriel: Yeah our roadie Jeff had to stay in the lobby..or the hallway..cuz MICHAEL left him

Classic Michael Kelly. Now, you guys weren’t always Ash Williams you used to be Ash Williams and The Horde. Any reason for the name change, and how is it having Michael becoming the new guitarist?

 Patrick: We changed the name because we were writing shitty music and we wanted to do a better job, so Uriel and I dropped “The Horde”. Also, it’s not as good for branding and it’s shorter and easier to remember. The horde was too much; we’re not a ska band.

Uriel: And as for the Michael Kelly Part….I decline to respond

*All laugh hysterically*

You guys recently got a buttload of attention for your E.P. Danzegg where you satirically covered Misfits songs and replaced the lyrics with stuff about breakfast. Did you ever expect it would get as big as it did?

*All saying various forms of No*

Michael: It’s kind of annoying that it did

Uriel: I love it!

Patrick: It’s kind of annoying, but it’s more just like rad that people heard it. But yeah so many people heard it and liked and stuff. People actually asked about it on tour. We put it up for free where people could just give donations and we actually got enough money to buy recording equipment.

Michael: Yeah that was pretty cool.

Uriel: Thank you everybody!

Michael: (gesturing toward the Che) Yeah like they’re just all standing inside right now. *shouts* Thaaank yooouu!

Patrick: (joins in shouting) Thank Yooouuuu!

*All laugh*

Patrick: Yeah, but it’s not cool that they (promoters) book us as a misfit breakfast cover band.

That Happened?!

Michael: Yeah!

Patrick: And it was on the radio haha

Uriel: Yeah in Ashland, Southern Oregon this guy came up and was like, “Hey are you in that Misfits cover band?” and I said No and he said, “Yeah we came here because on the radio it said Breakfast Themed Misfits bad” so it was like, I guess we have to play one of those songs tonight

Patrick: The funny thing is like, what area of where we’re in on the tour we can play different specific songs. Like in the North West we can’t play Chilaquiles because no one knows what the fuck that is

*All laugh*

Uriel: Google it people!

Michael: Yeah those dumb idiots..

Now I’m aware some of you guys have side projects that you’re working on outside of Ah Williams, why don’t you guys tell me about those.

 Uriel: I have nothing.

Patrick: Basically there’s Bogsey (Bogsey and the Agronauts), Ash Williams, and I’m writing an EP right now, a hardcore metal EP called Orca-pod Death Squad that’s all about whales taking back the planet

*all laugh*

Michael: Yeah yours truly (pointing at me) is gonna drum on my pop-punk EP, it’s called Buckley’s Angel and yeah I’m really excited about that.

Patrick: How many questions do we have left?

That’s it

Uriel: Oh cool.

Any Final Words for our readers at

 Patrick: Kanye 2020

Uriel: Listen to Que Oso! Cause they’re rad.

Michael: Do…What you…Believe in

Ash Williams Group

Ash Williams will be coming out with a new album next week called, I believe in tribute to the Loch Ness Monster and Cher. New shirts are available to promote the album including designs by Dan Faughnder of Sledding With Tigers and Keith Rosson, whose designs have been used by bands such as Against Me and Dead to Me.

To Check out more from Ash Williams visit their website or follow them on FaceBook!

Interview by Mitch McSteamy


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