Interview! Brett Rasmussen of Ignite

Ignite’s new album “A War Against You” was released today!

From Ignite’s website:

“A War Against You” is the sound of IGNITE taking a stand and delivering a record without borders or boundaries. The much-anticipated follow-up to the Southern California band’s 2006 watershed moment, “Our Darkest Days”, “A War Against You” affirms that IGNITE is still rooted in the energy and melodicism of hardcore’s salad days, while proving themselves not merely a great punk or hardcore band, but a great band in their own right.

We had the opportunity to ask Brett Rasmussen (Bass) some questions via email.

How are you guys feeling about the album?
Amazing! I guess there are always heightened expectations when there is a long wait between albums for a band, but we never really looked at it like that. We were very happy how many people loved Our Darkest Days, because we really liked it when we finished recording it. It is always a humbling thing when somebody thanks you for making music or tells you that an album you made changed his or her life. That reminds you that there are people who are anxiously waiting for the next album! We are excited to say the least, and we are very happy with the results of the recording sessions.

With so much time passing in between ‘Our Darkest Days’ and ‘A War Against You’ what brought you guys together to put out the new album?
It was just the right time. We had already started writing some material a few years back but it wasn’t meant to happen at that time. Things happen for a reason, and in 2013 when we all were free and able to put in the time to write and record this album, we did. We were a little unclear at the beginning on the direction of the album. We wrote over 40 songs for the record and once we started working with our producer we could really start seeing which songs we going to be the strongest for the album. Once you have 2-3 songs that you like, you really get inspired to complete the project!

Who engineered / mixed / mastered and what studio was ‘A War Against You’ recorded at?
We basically had the same team of people work on this album as we did the last album. We started working with Cameron Webb in 1999 with the pre-production of “A Place Called Home”. Cameron is a very important part of Ignite and I don’t think that we would ever do an album without Cameron as the producer. We worked with Cameron on “A Place Called Home”, “Our Darkest Days”, “Our Darkest Days Live dvd” and now “ A War Against You”.  Mastering was done by Howie Wienburg here in LA, we worked with him previously as well.

What was the process like recording it?
In the approach to this album we reminded ourselves that there are things that Ignite fans expect from us and we feel it is important to keep a link to our previous work, but at the same time it is very important to surprise our listeners with new and exciting elements that they do not expect. When bands try to make a copy of a previous record they always fall short because it is impossible to capture the magic of a previous album. That was a different time and place. We believe it is important that bands re-create themselves somewhat on each album and keep the energy and creativity fresh. That was always the biggest challenge during the recording process, to create something exciting and fresh without losing the sense of the band. When we finished this new recording we were very satisfied with the results.

What’s everyone’s favorite song on the album?
Ha…I have no idea, we all like different songs. At this time though, the opening track, “Begin Again” seems to get everyone pretty excited!

What song on the album are you most excited to play live?
Probably for me “Nothing Can Stop Me” because it is high energy throughout the whole song and we are playing some pretty interesting things on guitars and bass. It’s a fun one to play at rehearsal.

After San Diego you guys go out on a European Tour, what city are you guys most excited to play?
Berlin, London and Budapest are always really great cities for Ignite to play. But to be honest, the whole Euro tour is going to be really good. I’m pretty sure there is not going to be one dud on that tour!

What are the plans to tour in the US when you get back?
We are in the process of booking tour dates around the whole world right now.

What’s one non punk/hardcore band have you been listening to most recently?
Foo Fighters- Saint Cecilia, Alabama Shakes- Sound & Color and Anything by Royal Blood.

What is your favorite Punk website in San Diego? (ha!)
I just checked out your guys website before I sat down to do this interview. I am not sure if I know any other San Diego specific punk websites!


Thanks Brett for taking the time and doing an Ignite interview!

For more info on Ignite visit!

Ignite is playing at Brick By Brick this Saturday (01/09) in a show presented by Slabratory!

Interview by San Diego Punk and  Mitch McSteamy

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