Interview! Maximum Maxie Vs. Mitch McSteamy

I (Mitch McSteamy) go head –to-head back stage at the North Park Observatory with Greenland’s finest Singer Maximum Maxie of The Maxies before their show with Downtown Brown, Naked Aggression, and Dead Kennedys to talk about tour With The Girls (OH) and The Hum Hums (Japan), retiring in Greenland, Their new album and their involvement with black market seal meat.

So you guys just got back from tour with The Hum Hums from Japan, how was that?

It was amazing, it was also with The Girls from Ohio, from Columbus and they were honestly one of the best power pop bands I’ve ever seen. I think they’re amazing so look them up for sure..I mean not as good as us, but still good.

You guys are pretty well known for your debauchery on the road, what was the latest shit storm you guys created?

Latest shit storm (thinking). We haven’t been thrown out of any place in a while so it’s been pretty tame. The problem has been with Jay (All The Way Jay) has been puking a lot on stage, so that’s been an issue.

Well hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to get to see that first hand tonight

One can only hope.

Maybe you should get a little “Jay Bucket”

We should’ve thought of that! I just let him go, just “BLAAAH” just everywhere yah know. But

with the bucket we could start measuring it. Like “Oh, today it was only 8 centimeters”

Yeah and you could put a little line on it for each show, maybe use colored markers to match the color of the puke. “It was more of a reddish-tan today”

(Laughs) Right! I really like that.

Now obviously being in a van with a bunch of dudes for an extended period of time, someone’s gonna let one loose every now and then. Who has the worst farts?

Chrissy Pissy our Keyboardist. We were actually talking about this in the van on the way here.

Is it the smell or is it more the strength?

It’s both. It’s pungent as wells as you can almost feel it. (Both laugh) An since he’s a Freegan, he’ll eat anything that’s free.. so it adds to the potency of the odor, it’s pretty bad.

Now on a more serious note…it’s been rumored that The Maxies are involved with black market seal meat purchasing. What do you have to say about such allegations?

The rumors are totally that..True. They are completely true.

How does that process work exactly?

Normally Jay transports them in an area we can’t talk about on his body and he likes the seal tube steaks the best so he smuggles them in that way.

(both laugh)

So the first time I saw you guys was on the Don’t Stop Skankin’ tour with Reel Big Fish and after your set I overheard a little girl say, “What are they supposed to be? Stupid superheroes?” If The Maxies did have superpowers what would they all be?

Well first of all we wouldn’t be superheroes, we’d be super villains so that would change. Uh Jay’s would be, well he wishes it would be was to woo women into sleeping with him. Chris’s would be to woo men..or he would be, what’s his name The Sphincter from Mystery Men, he pulls his figure and just has massive farts. Our drummer, he could throw sticks, flying sticks in the air that would stick into people. Dave..Big Dave he’d be a hulk type “DAVE SMASH” right? Ok, but mean. Not helping people but trying to hurt. Then uh, Donny Debauchery would be uh, yeah what would Donny be?..He’d be able to fly for sure and he’d put everyone down with pot smoke, everyone would be passing out from marijuana smoke. And mine would be to be completely handsome and woo everyone.

So you’d kind of be like the Mr. Incredible type, but back in the day before he got old and fat?

Right, well…(put’s his hands on his belly). You know how The Maxies roll. Real men have curves (both laugh)

I’m not a real man (both laugh) I try, I just don’t get big.

No sir. You. Are not. (both laugh)

So I understand you guys have a new album coming out called Nuuk Em’ All. How is that process going?

We finished everything, it’s all been mixed. Aaron Barrett (Reel Big Fish) produced it along with David Irish (Pot O’ Gold Recording), he’s a guy who’s got a studio in Orange County and yeah Barrett is playing on it as well. The process took 4 Months so we really worked hard on it, it’s a great pop record.

That’s rad so what should we expect from it?

Well it’s very Maxie, we always stay in the sort of same formula. So you got the funny shit, but you got some really great fucking pop punk songs on there and I’m really excited about it.

I really dug the album artwork too, it would make a sick poster.

Thanks, wait till you see the back, it’s really cool and we’ve got an insert as well. So it’s coming out on vinyl and CD and it’s probably the greatest album to ever from Greenland

So you guys moved away from Greenlad a while back, any plans to go back, maybe retire there when it becomes the new Hawaii?

When everything melts, you know what they’re saying about all the weather and the changing and all this shit, soon we’re gonna have all beach front property. We actually just went back for Nuuk Fest, the headliners were us, Suburban Legends, and Narcoleptic Youth and we had a bunch of local support…yeah I think everyone’s gonna like the record. We played this big festival and it was sold out. We are the biggest bad ever from Greenland.

Yeah, I don’t even know another band from Greenland.

Well of course, they’re all just fucking pions compared to us. When a band like The Maxies comes into town, nothing else matters. Wait till you see us tonight. We’re gonna play to at least 25 people and they’re going to be screaming and yelling at us to stop playing because we’re that good.

The Maxies Nuuk Em All

And those 25 people did yell and scream, because The Maixes were that good… Be on the look out for their new album Nuuk Em’ All coming out soon on It’s Alive Records and be on the lookout for them at show’s near you.

The Maxies Are:

Maximum Maxie: Vox
All The Way Jay: Lead Guitar
Cli-Maxie: Drums
Donny Debauchery: Rhythm guitar
Mad Maxie: Bass
Chrissy-Pissy Maxie: Keys

For More about The Maxies Check them out on

Twitter: @themaxies
Or their official website:


Interview by Mitch McSteamy

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