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Interview! Punk Yacht Club

Punk Yacht Club has a new EP “I’ve heard a lot of songs…and these are some more.” coming out Monday October 16th, 2017 (today)! We talked with them about how the band got started, their new EP, and what being Punk means to them. Check them out live at their EP release show October 30th, 2017 at Thrusters Lounge.

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Who are you and what do you do in the band?
Greg Marsh aka “G MONEY” – Guitar/Vox
Jesse Goodwick aka “OJ BLACK” – Bass/Vox
Eric Meirielesieslses aka “E ROCK” – Drums/Vox

What’s the meaning behind the name Punk Yacht Club?
Boats n Hoes, more like Boats n Bro’s

How did the band connect and form with Eric being the only one growing up in San Diego?
Craigslist, not very exciting. Greg posted a really awesome recording of him singing, and Eric thought it was “good enough” for punk. They met up to jam, and auditioned other guitar and bass players until they met Jesse who was a good fit with their style.

Where on the East Coast did Jesse and Greg grow up? How has that influenced the sound of Punk Yacht Club?
Jesse is from Connecticut, and Greg is from Boston. Being New Englanders at heart they grew up listening to bands like Social Distortion, Rancid, NOFX, Operation Ivy and anything else that we could find on a Punk-O-Rama album. Jesse went to a lot of music festivals, mostly jam bands, all over New England, and despite wearing the same tie dye shirt for 3 years he still would be in the pit at any hard rock/punk show. Greg’s parents banned him from Napster in 2000, so his last album he heard was Punk-O-Rama 4. Needless to say the rest is history!

What’s the biggest difference between West Coast and East Coast punk?
Nothing. Punk has developed over the years, and even what we play isn’t considered “punk” to some people because we aren’t wearing denim jackets, and spiking our hair. We’re all about having fun, and punk rock is all about the energy you put into the music and show.

You guys just recently recorded a new EP. Where did you record it?
We recorded at Doubletime Studios in El Cajon, CA. We worked with Jeff Forrest. We actually titled the EP after a quote of his when asked about our music, “I’ve heard a lot of songs…and these are some more.”

What was the recording process like?
Set up took the longest, because our songs aren’t longer than 2 minutes. We wanted a raw, pro sound and that is exactly what we got. We wanted the EP to replicate our stage sound.

When will the EP be released?
We will be having a CD release party on October 30 at Thrusters Lounge in Pacific Beach. The album will be available for streaming, and download Monday the 16th of October. You can find it by going to punkyachtclub.com.

It sounds like you guys like to party. What’s everyone’s go to party drink?
We’re all sober actually. But if we had a favorite drink it’s probably a tall boy PBR or skinny margarita for Greg.

What’s next for Punk Yacht Club?
We are planning a music video, and just keep rocking our local scene. Our new EP has some radio friendly edits that we will shop around to some local radio shows. We were featured on Tim Pyles 91x loudspeaker a few months ago with an old shitty demo we recorded, so hopefully they like our new stuff,. Thanks to Alan at Pacific Beat Recording for doing our live demo, he gave Pyles the track.

All in all, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Whether it’s an audience of 5 or 500, it’s just fun. We all believe if you keep the music fun, you’re going have a good time. Even when shit craps out on stage we can usually entertain with standup comedy.

Thanks guys for taking the time and talking about Punk Yacht Club!

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