Interview! Rayner

Rayner recently releases a new album “In Circles”…

“Rayner’s debut album features 10 songs of their own signature style of melodic-rock-punk. Poppy music about the bummer times. Songs perfect for pool parties, late nights, or road trips. They’ve been compared to bands like Bouncing Souls, Latterman, and the Menzingers. But hey, you be the judge.”

and if you’re still not sure who Rayner is…

“We’re a 5 piece band influenced by 90’s punk, a DIY ethos, and smart & introspective songwriting. 2015 was our first full year as a band and 2016 is gonna start with a new album, shows throughout the southwest and an opening slot on Las Vegas’ Punk Rock Bowling.”

We had the opportunity to ask the guys from Rayner some questions via email.

Introductions! Who are we talking to?
Manny (Bassist), Christopher (Guitarist), and Dany (Vocals). That super group of nerds, drunks, and losers from Las Vegas.

What should we know about Rayner that we can’t find out from your Facebook page?
Dany – We’re  pretty candid on our social media, I guess that we’re pretty sick in the skank pit.

You guys just released a new album “In Circles” how are you guys feeling about that?
Manny – Super good. It seems to be well received by everyone we showed it to. Its a good feeling to make something people enjoy.

What was the process like recording it?
Manny – A couple of stressful weekends. Not because of the recording process, John Brown at Camel Hump Studios and of New Cold War and Battle Born fame, made recording super easy. The stress came from running out of pizza and Bud Light Lime.
Dany – We all took it really seriously. We were practicing about two times a week beforehand, because we knew we had a limited time in the studio and couldn’t afford to make too many mistakes. Like Manny said, John guided us through the whole process. We did piece wise recordings, which I was anxious wouldn’t capture our live energy, but thankfully I was very wrong.

Have you guys ever played at Tower Bar or in San Diego before?
Manny – No the show on the 23rd of January was our first time as a band in San Diego and Tower Bar. It was an absolute blast. All the people and bands made us feel welcome… and then Parade of Horribles made us feel inadequate. Jason is so nasty at the bass.

Are you guys stoked about the Show?
Christopher – We’re actually filling this out after the show but we were pretty excited to be playing San Diego. I grew up in North County and had a lot of friends and family come out. It was great.

You guys are from Vegas so I’m sure you’ve been to Punk Rock Bowling before. What has your favorite line-up been that you’ve seen?
Manny – I’ve only gone to a few myself since I just moved back to Vegas, but last year with Pears, Success, A Wilhelm Scream, Anti-Flag, and The Unseen to name a few was pretty epic. However, I feel like this year is going to be pretty sick. Not cause we’re playing but because of our boys in Be Like Max and Sic Waiting shredding.

You guys have played with Sic Waiting a few times, did you get a chance to hang with them at all?
Manny – Jared is an awesome person. A complete blast when we see him. Running into him at Fest during the preshow with Kill Lincoln is one of best memories from that weekend. Drinking, dancing, and kissing. You know, normal stuff.

Regardless you guys are definitely going to hang out with them at Punk Rock Bowling but who else are you stoked to share a stage with?
– I’m totally star struck about the fact that Off With Their Heads is going to be there. Its mind blowing to think I get to play followed shortly after by one of my favorite bands.
Christopher – Pretty stoked to be playing with Flogging Molly and Face to Face. I’ve been listening to both of those bands for years, so it’ll be a great “full circle moment” to be playing the festival with them.
Dany – All those bands are great, but i’m super psyched to be sharing the day with Dag Nasty. I have a soft spot for the D.C. hardcore bands of the 80’s!

For people going out to Punk Rock Bowling or Vegas in general what’s a can’t miss local spot to check out?
Manny – The Shark Tank at the Golden Nugget. Its going to be out of control.
Christopher – Personal nearby favorites are:

  • Frankie’s Tiki Room – Super strong drinks. Same owner as the infamous Double Down.
  • Banger Brewing (located on Fremont Street near the PRB hotels and venue – they offer great beers in a plastic cup so you can take it to go)
  • Obviously all the after-shows are a safe bet for good times and at bars we frequent
  • Find a nice nickel video poker machine and camp out for a while and enjoy some free drinks. It’ll get you a cheap fix for your gambling addiction. Don’t forget to tip though, those drink servers are working hard so that you can have a fun time.

Dany – Lately I’ve been a big fan of taking visitors up to the Red Rock mountain. It’s only about 30 minutes from downtown, but as a local you get callous to how unique it really is.

Have you had the chance to play with any San Diego bands making their way through Vegas?
Christopher – Besides Sic Waiting (of course), we’ve played with Caskitt who absolutely shred.

Besides Punk Rock Bowling where else are you guys playing or planning for this year?
Christopher – Looking to do a lot more regional touring to CA/AZ/UT and so on. Also, we’re planning on either trying to put together a 7″ or another E.P. of some new material, so we’ll be writing a lot during our downtime.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about tour?
Manny – My favorite thing is partying with my boys in a different town. Least favorite is breaking down in the van on some snowy freeway.
Chris – Favorites – Playing to new people, meeting up with old friends, hearing other rad bands, drinking some new beers, eating baller pizza/burritos. Least Favorite – Sleeping on floors (our backs are ALL bad already), not showering, van break downs, snow
Dany – I love getting to visit new places, so I guess that the down side is that we can’t really get to enjoy a town cause we have to focus on band business. For example, when we visited Salt lake city we didn’t have to time to visit the temple square or walk around the natural history museum.

Now, I know at least some of you guys skate. Who’s the best skater and who’s the worst?
Manny – Now we’re in my realm! Not to toot my own horn but, I’d say I’m at the top of list of best Rayner skaters. Dany would be a second to me, but his style is different. He’s a flat ground kind of dude, where as I got big and throw everything at it. Not saying I’m Andrew Reynolds or something, but I do alright for a guy with shot knees and a bad back.
Christopher – I am definitely not only the worst skater in the band but probably ever.

Thanks guys for taking the time and talking about Rayner!

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