The Scutches Interview

Interview! The Scutches vs Mitch McSteamy

The Scutches recently played a show in San Diego at The Tower Bar and Mitch McSteamy caught up with them to find out a little bit more about their music and who their influences are.

In 2002, The Scutches out of Long Island, NY were born from the restlessness and ambitions of founding member Vincent Hoffer. Vincent has been touring the world accompanied by numerous friends to help out on bass and other instruments.

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Who’s in the Band?
Vin – Vocals.
2handLuke – I play the drums.
Tyler – I play bass and drink.

You just today released your single “One True Crutch” from Green Door Recordings. (Great song by the way) What would you each say is your biggest crutch?
Vin – Red wine and diversions, sleep kind of gets in the way.
Luke – My biggest crutches are distractions. I love skateboarding, pinball and ice hockey to name a few. I try and fill my time with fun hobbies aside from drumming. That way I don’t get burnt out playing drums everyday.
Tyler – Candy and the TV show cops.

You guys remind me of old Blink-182 and Millencolin, What bands have an impact on how you all play?
Vin – Beatles, Ramones, Weezer, Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, and many more.
Luke – Many bands…Green Day, Blink 182, No Doubt,  Sum 41, The Ramones, anything Dave Grohl or Josh Freese play drums on and that was just a few of the majors.
Tyler – Ramones number one, then the Riverdales.

What are your favorite local bands (either from NYC or bands you’ve met on the road)?
Vin -Teenage Bottle Rocket, the Murderburgers, the Atoms, Shocktroopers
Luke – Rational Anthem, The Turkletons, Turkish techno, Direct Hit, Masked Intruder, The Fake Boys, The Dopamines, Boys, City Mouse, The Murderburgers, Mixtapes, Dillenger Four and the Deadmilkmen to name a few of my road joys.
Tyler – Cinderella and Slaughter, I cried at Guns and Roses this year too.

Who would win in a fight. Iggy Pop from the 80’s or modern day Henry Rollins?
Vin – Iggy pop for sure, he’s always been smarter
Luke – I feel like they wouldn’t fight, but there would be a lot of pointing. Then they’d be friends or something.
Tyler – Iggy pop can not be killed.

What is your favorite southern California Punk Rock Website? (Don’t fuck this up)
Vin – ummmmmmm, San Diego Punk!
Luke – Vin took the texts right out of my mouth, San Diego Punk!!!
Tyler – San Diego Punk #1 ruler @

Mitch McSteamy:

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