Lowbrow – Last Show for Foreseeable Future

Lowbrow rages but it looks like they are putting the brakes on touring.

Read their Facebook post:

“This Friday will be the last Lowbrow show for the foreseeable future. With busy work schedules and new baby on the way, things will be slowing down in the Lowbrow camp. We’ll be at the Doll Hut for a night of shredding with Butcher Hounds, Castoff, Dearly Divided (Oakland), and SpaceWaster (Seattle). Come grab our new CD, as well as the incredible CDs from the touring bands.

Come see us one last time before we go do that silly being an adult thing. Psh.”

Should be a solid show if you can make it out to the Doll Hut in Anaheim, CA on Friday (July 10th). If not head over to Bandcamp and pick up their latest album Insert Brain Here.

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