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Lowbrow Release Acoustic Version of “Insert Brain Here”

Lowbrow release acoustic version of “Insert Brain Here”! Every penny spent on this song will go to the Orange County Food Bank. Support a good cause and get some good music!

From Lowbrow:

“Lowbrow has never been about making money. If that were our end game, we wouldn’t be playing punk rock. Every dime that we’ve made as a band (and I do mean dimes, like all 7 of them), has gone back into making more music. While we like those dimes, there are those who could use them more than us.

From November 5th to December 5th, every penny spent on this song will go to the Orange County Food Bank. We will match all proceeds for the final donation.

We love you guys as you have already helped us make some incredible things happen this year. From raising over $2500 for the Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids, to donating almost 11, 000 meals at the Summer Punk Rock Food Drive, to helping send someone who loves music more than we do to Fest 14, it’s been an amazing year of charity from punk rock music fans (I still maintain the belief you will meet the friendliest music fans at punk shows).

Thank you guys for an amazing 2015, and if you have an extra $1 laying around, let’s do one more bit of good before the year ends.”

Go to to get the acoustic version of “Insert Brain Here” and more great music from Lowbrow!

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