Review! A Vulture Wake – “The Appropriate Level of Outrage”

Back in the early 90’s when All first released the album Breaking Things, I remember listening to the song Original Me over and over in complete awe of how damn good the vocalist was.  Who on earth was I listening to???  There was a unique quality in the delivery such that, even with spot-on pitch uncharacteristic of the genre, oozed a deep sincerity while still maintaining an undeniable degree of gruffness and edge.  Turning to the liner notes, I saw the name Chad Price (insert immediate rabid fandom).  Following his musical footprints for years now, his voice has been a staple in the soundtrack to my life.

While I am a huge fan of The Descendents and All, I always held an unrestricted pining hope that one day Chad would front a band that played faster double-time beats with thrashy guitars in a more serious mood.  It’s the style of music that I’m most drawn to and his voice just seems like it would reign supreme in such a setting.

As the years dragged on and ALL became less active, I gave up hope and my fantasy went dormant.  It was buried under the comfort of knowing I could still spin Silence on Mass Nerder anytime I wanted to.  …but then on a random weekend in 2017, I saw a flier for an upcoming Slabratory showcase at the Brick by Brick to be headlined by this new band called A Vulture Wake featuring Chad along with a string of other genre standouts to include Sean Sellers from Good Riddance.  That dormant fantasy of mine came exploding back to life like the big bang theory on ‘roids.  I have been the equivalent of a salivating dog staring at its master eating a greasy, quadruple stacked hamburger… desperate to hear this album ever since.

Having now heard it, HOLY EFFIN SHYTBALLZ BATMAN!!!  …The Appropriate Level of Outrage is the heartfelt, Chad Price masterpiece I always dreamed about!  #DreamsComeTrue

SDP Skullz rating meter has been vaporized

Band: A Vulture Wake
Album: The Appropriate Level of Outrage
Label: Bird Attack Records
Release Date: January 31st, 2018

Reviewed by Todd Dulawan

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