Review! Punchcard – “The Eggs Are Fresh This Morning”

Punchcard aren’t coming at you on this release to try and melt your face with amazing chops and intense guitar riffs that will leave you blinded by musical prowess.  Rather, these guys are simply having fun on this outing.  This band certainly has the ability to get technical.  I have seen it live firsthand, but sometimes we could all use a reminder that musical arrangements don’t have to be serious all the time.  This E.P. serves as that perfect reminder!  It would be difficult to listen to the closing track titled Windows and not at least crack a smile.  Even my 10 year old son who owns a Nextbook with Windows was laughing his ass off as we listened to this song because he knows what it’s like to have a frozen screen.  The E.P. opens with a piano based number titled There’s Nothing Wrong With This that is equally as comedic.  The three middle tracks get into the meat of Punchcard’s sound and keep the humor and sarcasm alive all the way through.  With today’s social climate of police brutality, riots, group protests etc, I about lost it listening to the track Riot in the Streets.  It’s flipping hysterical and casts a bright spotlight on how idiotic we can be as humans.  We might as well celebrate it with some songs by Punchcard!  This E.P. is great, plus it’s free (if you want it to be) on their Bandcamp site.  Get down with it!

Artist: Punchcard
Album: The Eggs Are Fresh This Morning
Release Date: June 2nd, 2015

Reviewed by Todd Dulawan

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