Review! SHEHEHE – “Endless Summer”

Shehehe’s new album Endless Summer start’s with a bang with their song “Multiple Choice Exam”, which immediately hits you with the nostalgic sounds of G.B.H. and Bikini Kill and a mix of Iron Maiden style “whoas”.

Pure, Raw, Punk rock n’ roll. Classic guitar and drum tones, 1980’s sounding vocals and bass times that just Pop. The gang vocals throughout the album keeps each song powerful. one track that really stuck out to me was “Saully” which too the tones of the Ramones and introduced some flare from PEARS in those aggressive stops.

Another track that stuck out of course was “San Diego Pizza Party”, the perfect soundtrack to a punk rock summer. Through the whole song all I could think about was cracking a cold beer by the pool and banging my head along to this song.

Over all I really enjoyed this album from the Georgia punk rockers. I highly recommend grabbing a 12 pack, hitting a pool, and checking this album out!

Artist: Shehehe
Album: Endless Summer
Release Date: August 11th, 2017

Reviewed by Mitch McSteamy

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