San Diego Punk Mainstays Reunite at Til Two Club

Show! San Diego Punk Mainstays Reunite at Til Two Club

Perhaps one of the most unique shows of the year is going down this Friday, August 5th at the Til Two Club at 9pm.  San Diego punk mainstays from an earlier time are reuniting for a show that is sure to be a don’t-miss event.  Spazboy, Backyard, Mexico City Rollers, and No Sympathy are all going to dust off their instruments and raise a little hell.  For anyone who is familiar with the local scene of the early 2000’s (and even earlier in the case of a couple of these bands) knows that the last time any of these guys played this venue, it was not called Til Two.  In fact, it was probably not even called The Beauty Bar.  It is likely that it went down way back when the venue was called The Playhouse!  Regardless of whether or not the bands are coming in to this show well-rehearsed or completely rough (some of these guys would argue that they were never anything but), this promises to be an entertaining night!

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