Acoustic Revolt Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Show


11/25/2017   at   8:30 pm


Rosie O Grady's


Acoustic Revolt Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Show!

Bring your friends and family (21+) to see some of the most amazing artists that Acoustic Revolt has brought to Rosie’s yet alongside some local talent that shines every single time they perform. Featuting NorCal’s Brian Moss, a true poet of an acoustic rocker. He will be playing songs off of his acoustic project, Hanalei, along with a few songs sprinkled in from his Asian Man Records band, Great Apes (listen to them, get to know them, fall in love with them). Also, Jared Stinson of Sic Waiting will belt out some melodic tunes from his acoustic phenomenon, Dead Frets. Divided Heaven will stum an acoustic set full of provactive social messages that are undenialbly soothing and passionate.

Local duo, Classic Mistake, spawned out of La Mesa, will get your hands a’ claping and feet a’ stopping with songs from their recently recorded booze and brew infused EP Whisky Smokes. Finally, Never Pass Go will shred riffs that cut through the room like a dull knife through a dried out overcooked turkey!

Enjoy this spectacle of a show. I don’t know how we pulled this many starts into a sports/dive bar, burt we made it happen for your, FOR FREE, happy thanksgiving weekend!

Great Apes:

Dead Frets:

Divided Heaven:

Classic Mistake:

Never Pass Go:

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